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I am a Systems Engineer that has worked for both large and mid-sized tech companies. My main focus is on implementing datacenter technologies for a variety of customers through professional services engagements. I have spent a considerable amount of time working with servers, virtualization, storage, data protection, cloud, and network systems. Beyond installing these systems and supporting customers, I have a strong interest in finding ways to script and automate my workflows and expand my knowledge base. As I continue to learn, I hope to share my experiences with readers to help them learn as well.

Zach Feingold


Datacenter Gold is dedicated to sharing thoughts, information, and knowledge primarily focused on datacenter technologies. The intention is to touch on my personal recommendations for implementation, administration, and automation across the datacenter portfolio. My goal is to aid systems engineers and IT personnel looking for a source of good information.

Content will cover technologies from Dell EMC, VMware, Cisco, Veeam, Microsoft, Cloud Technologies, and more.

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The content and opinions in this blog are strictly my own and not the views of my employer

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