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The Start of Datacenter Gold


Welcome to the first post of Datacenter Gold! I’ve discovered more and more lately that I rely heavily on tech blogs to grow as an engineer and felt that starting my own blog was a great way to give back to the tech community.

I started working in the tech industry focused on data center technologies fresh out of high school doing an internship while I went to school to get my degree in electrical engineering. The world of IT has treated me well and given me the opportunity to work with systems across a number of manufacturers over the years.

What to Expect

Tune in to future posts to read about my insights, recommendations, and tricks to using and administering datacenter systems. My main focus will be on solutions from Dell EMC, VMware, Cisco, Veeam, AWS, Microsoft, and more. Be sure to check out the other pages on the blog for info on automation and scripting in the datacenter and see some of the tools I use to make my job easier.


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